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Smooth Moving Solutions is a fully licensed and insured moving company servicing the greater Charlotte area with over eight years experience.  We specialize in emergency renovation furniture moves, as well as standard residential moves. Other services offered include junk-removal, delivery, and specialty piece moves. We pride ourselves on our customer service and expect each employee to uphold a high standard of respect and care for each customer and their belongings.

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Brian M.

"Evan and his team saved the day for me ! It was pouring down rain the day we moved into our new house and not only did him and one other guy move our entire house out of two storage units, they did it REALLY fast! Which put money back in my pocket! I would highly suggest these guys to anyone that needs a great moving company you can trust. They wrapped everything in sheets and plastic and put runners down on my floor so they would track anything inside. Great Job!"

Darren M.

"Service was fantastic. Very polite, quick and affordable. Will highly recommend."

Donna M.

"This team of young men are hard working, polite fellows! They arrived early, ready to work, and stayed late until everything had been moved. I had heard horror stories of movers breaking things and doing a sloppy job. Not the case with this company! I used them again when my company needed to empty a storage unit. My boss was extremely impressed by their professionalism. I will use them again! Excellent job guys!"



We strive to exceed your expectations and earn your business. 





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Evan Watson - Owner and Operator

Moving from Raleigh to the Queen City in 2000, Evan has spent the last 15 years making Charlotte his hometown. Working for a few moving companies in the area for the past 8 years, Evan knew that upon graduating UNC Charlotte this year he would try his entrepreneurial hand at the residential and emergency restoration moving market. With the necessary experience and education, Evan now has a clear vision of how he wants to operate and execute the best moving solutions for Charlotte and the surrounding areas growing population. He looks forward to cultivating lasting long term relationships and repeat business with his expanding clientele.

Favorite Quote: “Word of mouth travels faster than anything else.” – Cam Newton

Why? Because I want this to hold true for my company and for myself as a person. You cannot expect to get by with only talking the talk, you always have to walk the walk. People will believe what they see, not what you say you’ll do.




Moving Tips

  • Call us! We want to assist you in your transition.
  • Pack a bag with essential clothes, toiletries and documents to keep with you, separate from items being moved in the truck.
  • Start Early.  Reserve your company early.  The end of the month is the busiest time for moving companies and truck rental companies.
  • Start packing as soon as you have a move date set.  Start in your garage, attic, basement, storage closet, or where ever your least used items are kept
  • Donate, sell, recycle or dispose of items you no longer want and won’t need to move.
  • Heavy items go in small boxes.
  • Tape boxes. Do not interlock tops or bottoms.
  • Use markers to clearly identify contents of each box, what room they are to be placed in, and whether the box is fragile or heavy.
  • Pack heavy items at the bottom of boxes.
  • Pack breakables with at least an inch of paper or material
  • between them.
  • Do not over pack boxes so that they can not be closed easily.
  • Do not use boxes with open tops, they can not be stacked properly.
  • Pack valuables/essentials together and set aside.  Move them in your own vehicle or put them on the truck last and verify their arrival and where they are placed.
  • Use wardrobe boxes for your hanging items.
  • Pack electrical equipment in original boxes, if possible.  Tape power chords and remote controls and other accessories to the base of the item.
  • Disassemble pressed wood and particle board furniture.  Bag and tape hardware to the largest piece.  Take pictures of the disassembly to facilitate reassembly.
  • Empty refrigerators and freezers.  Defrost one day in advance.
  • Notify your neighbors and management of building or community.
  • Reserve parking, elevators or loading docks ahead of time.
  • Relax, moving can be a very stressful event.  Our trained staff is here to help you.

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